From Legal500, 2020:

Great experience in industrial risk insurance products and claims.” 

Norelid is impressively responsive no matter who in the team you contact. The firm is very customer focussed and no issue or question is too small.”

Norelid is always available, and all communications are fast and trouble free.”

A very responsive team that is pragmatic and delivers value for money.”

We’ve used the firm for the last three years and we truly value the team and the work they deliver. The firm takes care of all our legal work and they are flexible, always on time with broad competence to deliver the highest standard of work. They are transparent and provide excellent value.”

They are always available, even with short notice, giving prompt answers.”

Levi Bergstedt and Susanna Norelid always respond swiftly, keeping me updated on progress. They are very good at simplifying complicated legal matters in a way so that I can make sound business decisions.”

Fredrik Seemann is one of the few in Stockholm who can handle both our domestic and international clients while delivering the same high quality regardless of the client.”

Susanna Norelid has a world of experience and is a very good strategic thinker while Fredrik Seemann is a young and upcoming lawyer very devoted to his clients and their needs.”

They are very professional, easy going and very service minded.”

“One feels safe in their hands and I would warmly recommend them.”

Susanna Norelid and Fredrik Seemann are excellent litigators who look for constructive out-of-court settlements and solutions.”

Great professionals who are very focussed on clients’ needs.”

Fredrik Seemann is a very professional lawyer who makes you feel very safe. His associates Marcus Appeltofft and Agnes Carlsson have done a great job for us and we look forward to continuing our process.”


From Chambers 2020:

“They are hands-on, responsive and very knowledgeable on not only the substantive law but also how litigation works in practice in Sweden,” states one source.

“They are very pragmatic,” reports another interviewee, going on to explain: “They understand what I want, even when I can’t specify it in legal terms. They have a good sense of my business needs.”