Incident Response

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Contact us immediately if you suspect that your company has been exposed to a cyber attack and/or a data breach.

Our Cyber Incident Desk is available 24/7.

You can also get more information regarding the actions that need to be taken when an incident has occurred just below:


Initial response (within 72 hours):

We will act as Data Breach Incident Managers, both on and off site. From the point when a data breach is identified, we will work closely with you to provide a rapid response in order to fulfil your immediate obligations. Our Cyber Incident Desk may assist you with:


– Determine whether you have an obligation to notify the Supervisory Authority
– Drafting the notice to the Swedish Supervisory Authority
– Correctly identify the Controller and/or any Processors
– Identify and handle any obligations in a correct and effective manner.
– Analyse terms and conditions in any applicable Data Processing Agreements
– Investigate and identify the cause and sequence of events resulting in the data breach
– Your obligation to communicate with the data subject without undue delay

Our 24/7 Cyber Desk will guide your organisation through all the necessary steps required to contain and minimise the damage of a data breach. We will also help your organisation to manage the reputational impact of the data breach.


At your request, we will coordinate with relevant experts required to manage your data breach incident by giving you access to our extensive network within cyber incidents. These may include experts within areas such as:


– IT Security and IT Forensics
– Public Relations (PR)
– Crisis Management

Through our long experience of working with insurance law, we can also assist you with recommendations and help during the contacts with your insurance provider by for example:


– Notifying your insurance provider regarding the occurred incident
– Manage and administer the communication with your insurance provider

Work following the critical phase:

After the initial breach response has been completed, we will:


– Assist your organisation in drafting internal documentation concerning the data breach
– Work with your organisation to ensure that the prerequisites to minimise the risk of future data breaches, and to reduce the consequences of future data breaches, are in place.



If a data breach leads to an inspection from the supervisory authority, our lawyers have many years of experience of assisting clients in court proceedings and in front of supervisory authorities in regulatory matters, as well as in commercial litigation.


Additionally, we are experienced in and are often asked to assist as counsel regarding risk- and crisis management.


Regardless of whether your company is being subjected to an inspection by the Swedish Supervisory Authority, Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten (IMY), or if a dispute has arisen between your company and a data processor, our lawyers have the experience and expertise necessary to assist you.



Our Cyber Response Team:

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Managing Partner, Lawyer
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Marie Segerholm

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Stefan Johansson

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