We have broad and multifaceted experience of questions concerning personal data processing and related personal integrity matters. We offer an experienced team of specialists who know what is needed in order for your company or organisation to comply with relevant legal requirements without losing track of your core business. We assist in supervisory matters before the Swedish Supervisory Authority, Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten (IMY), and if a dispute has arisen between your organisation and a data processor we assist with recommendations and support both during initial negotiations and during litigation should it prove necessary. We work on a daily basis with the preventive work of finding the most practical methods and procedures to ensure that our clients’ management of personal data complies with applicable statutory requirements while still being practical and usable within their specific organisation.

Together with other experts within information security, IT forensics, media/PR etc. we take care of clients who have suffered data breaches and ensure that the situation is resolved quickly, professionally and cost effectively. With our 24/7 Cyber Incident Desk manned around the clock, our Cyber Response Team is always available to coordinate the response to the breach. We act as Incident Managers, on or off site as the situation requires, and ensure that all aspects are taken care of such as contacts with other external consultants when and if necessary, as well as handling all the legal questions that arise during and in connection with a data breach. Our international network ensures an equally effective management of the situation if a need for assistance from experts abroad is required.

As part of our service “Proactive”, we provide support and legal advice regarding the preventive compliance work that needs to be done to minimize the risk of incorrect personal data management.


We advise you on questions regarding integrity issues, drafting of internal guidelines and routines for management of personal data etc. We also offer lectures and seminars where the legal as well as the IT technical parts are discussed by us and our business partners within IT security.


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With the aim of assisting our clients and other companies, we have launched our very own Cyber Intelligence Corner where our Cyber Experts will share interesting articles, analyses, news and updates regarding cyber security and data protection. Furthermore, our Cyber Intelligence Corner also contains checklists that client companies and others can use in their ongoing compliance work. Finally, we have launched Norelid Advokatbyrå’s Cyber Blog where we share such observations and experiences that we believe useful and interesting for people working with questions regarding cyber security and data protection.


You can access our Cyber Intelligence Corner by clicking here. You can also directly access the page that interests you by clicking one of the links below.

Through our unique 24/7 Cyber Incident Desk, we manage urgent, ongoing personal data breaches. We act as Incident Managers and are always available to manage the situation quickly, professionally, and effectively. If necessary, we also coordinate with other experts within IT security, IT forensics, and media/PR.


Are you unsure whether your organisation has been exposed to a data breach? Do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible.


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