Our lawyers have broad and multifaceted experience in matters concerning data protection (including GDPR, the NIS2 Directive, DORA, and the AI Act) and other related privacy and cyber security matters. We are always up to date within the field and assist our clients with all preparations for any new regulatory frameworks. As a full-service firm within Data Protection & Cyber Security, we have categorised our services in three groups: Compliance, Incident Response, and Resilience.

Within Compliance, we assist our clients by conducting GAP analysis in which we evaluate the client’s current status in relation to the regulatory requirements. We recommend risk-prioritised measures to achieve compliance and draft internal policies, guidelines, templates, and more. We arrange lectures, seminars, and workshops, and also act as informal external Data Protection Officers (DPO) when needed.

Learn more about what we do within Compliance here.

Within Incident Response, we handle various types of incidents – ongoing cyberattacks as well as personal data breaches. Our Incident Managers are available 24/7/365. Together with additional experts in areas such as IT security, IT forensics, media/PR, and crisis management, we can ensure that the incident is handled quickly, professionally, and cost-effectively. Through our network of international collaborators, we can ensure that cross-border and international matters are handled efficiently as well.

Learn more about what we do within Incident Response here.

Within Resilience, we evaluate occurred incidents and identify any weaknesses and vulnerabilities that may have caused the incident. If necessary, we also coordinate with our collaboration partners in the IT sector to provide recommendations for appropriate organisational and technical measures to increase resilience and reduce the risk of any future incidents. We can also proactively evaluate the organisation’s level of resilience and compliance, even if no incident has occurred, and conduct both penetration tests and training sessions.

Learn more about what we do within Resilience here.

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