We provide our clients with high quality legal assistance regarding all kinds of commercial and corporate related matters within the practice area we call Corporate & Commercial. It is evident to us that no two companies are the same and that no two commercial relationships are identical. Accordingly, we apply the motto that there are no such thing as a routine assignment nor any ”one-size-fits-all solutions” why we always strive to find practical and feasible legal solutions to questions or problems that may arise without losing focus on the specific client’s business and corporate structure.

We always do our best to offer business support in addition to the specific corporate and commercial legal advice asked for by the client and strive to provide added value to projects and matters that we are involved in. We can offer such services due to our long standing experience and knowledge within areas such as real estate and commercial tenancy law, personal data compliance and data protection, marketing law issues, IT matters, and specific regulatory compliance matters within the particular areas that requires special compliance considerations.

If you are about to set up a Swedish company, we will assist you with all formalities to ensure that the company is formed and registered in a correct way. We also assist our clients with specific regulatory and other compliance matters within the required sectors and industries.

We advise clients on a variety of questions relating to real estate and commercial tenancy law. With many years of experience, we offer our legal services in relation to the drafting and negotiation of real estate and commercial tenancy agreements, negotiations of purchase or sale of commercial real estate as well as representing clients in disputes related to real estate, construction and commercial tenancy. We also have extensive experience of insurance law aspects related to real estate and construction law.

We assist our clients with small to mid-market M&A transactions, company formation, structuring and governance, as well as regulatory and compliance matters etc. In order to ensure that all company documentation is drafted in a reliable and correct manner, we assist our clients with various formal corporate documents such as minutes from annual general meetings (AGMs), proposed resolutions, board meeting minutes etc.

Commercial agreements are a central part of all business operations. A successful contract negotiation, where the long-term and successful cooperation between the parties are in focus as well as a thoroughly thought through and correctly drafted agreement can often be the key to successful business development, increased profitability as well as to avoid unnecessary disputes.


We have many years of experience in drafting and reviewing all types of commercial agreements and will assist you and your organisation with custom-made and professionally drafted contracts that are tailored to your specific situation and relationship with the other party.


Our corporate and commercial lawyers work daily with all types of commercial related agreements, for example agency and distribution agreements, cooperation agreements, sale and purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, outsourcing agreements, IT agreements, non-disclosure agreements, franchise agreements, etc.


In addition to the experience listed above, we also have extensive knowledge relating to specific legal questions that regularly become relevant in many commercial agreements such as for example, personal data related issues, IT- and technology related issues, competition law issues and various regulatory and compliance questions. Our specialists have both the depth and the width of knowledge to enable them to handle, manage and provide strategic advice in the most complex legal and commercial projects.

Our dispute resolution team has extensive experience of representing clients before courts, arbitral tribunals and other alternative dispute resolution formats such as mediations.


No matter the object or value of a dispute, we always assemble the team best suited to provide you with professional and cost-efficient support in order to resolve the dispute at hand.


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