Our offer:

We offer full support for you and your company within all questions relating to personal data protection that may arise in the course of your daily business. We provide quality checks of your ongoing data protection compliance and provide answers to your legal questions based on your company’s practices and particular situation in order to secure your internal handling of personal data.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in drafting all kinds of internal documentation that is necessary to comply with the GDPR and other statutory requirements. We always make sure that the provided documentation, guidelines, policies etc. is tailored for your specific organisation and business and are attentive to you challenges and possibilities.

We offer full and complete analysis of your current compliance levels with regards to the GDPR and other applicable rules and regulations.


The purpose of a GAP-analysis is to evaluate how well your organisation is complying with the requirements set forth in the GDPR and other legislation and to offer assistance with any actions deemed necessary, all the while making sure that your core business and operations are not adversely affected.


Following the initial GAP-analysis, we will provide you with a detailed action plan that is tailormade for your organisation’s particular needs and challenges.


Insight and understanding regarding which areas need to be prioritized and what actions need to be taken is a great first step in order to achieve a good level of compliance. A well-documented analysis of the organisation’s compliance is also a valuable decision basis for the organisation’s management when allocating resources.

As the GDPR has entered into force, the rights data subjects have been strengthened in relation to the companies and organisations processing their personal data.


If a data subject chooses to exercise any of the rights afforded them by the GDPR, the company or organisation that is the controller for the relevant personal data normally has 30 days to respond to, and oftentimes comply with, such a request.


In addition to the demands this puts on the organisation’s internal structure and IT systems, there are also demanding legal assessments to be made.


The rights afforded to data subjects according to the GDPR are not absolute and your company must carry out its own evaluation regarding if and how a request from a data subject will be answered and complied with.


We at Norelid Advokatbyrå deal with these issues daily and can provide assistance both with the drafting of internal routines and other preparatory work as well as with support and assistance when a request from a data subject to exercise their rights has been received by your company or organisation.

We offer tailormade, interactive lectures and seminars on GDPR and data protection in general. Our experts are frequently appointed to hold lectures and seminars regarding topics ranging from basic GDPR knowledge and application to more advanced topics such as for example, how to best deal with a personal data breach.


Our seminars are always individually tailored and adapted to your organisation and the challenges and opportunities you meet within the organisation. We also offer more in-depth courses where we collaborate with our business partners within data security, IT forensics, media/PR specialists etc.

Our lawyers have many years of experience of assisting clients in court proceedings and in front of supervisory authorities in regulatory matters, as well as in commercial litigation. Additionally, we are experienced in and are often asked to assist as strategic counsel regarding risk- and crisis management.


Regardless of whether your company is being subjected to an inspection by the Swedish Supervisory Authority, Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten, or if a dispute has arisen between your company and a data processor, our lawyers have the experience and expertise necessary to assist you.

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Managing Partner, Lawyer
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