A word from our Managing Partner

Norelid Advokatbyrå is a top-ranked business law firm in Sweden. As a result of the firm’s close collaboration with many “best friends” / international specialists and networks, the law firm is active in both the local Swedish market but also in the international arena. We always strive to provide our clients and partners with the best possible legal advice at the highest level of service, while at the same time conducting our own business in a responsible and sustainable manner.

We are proud of our strong corporate culture and the core values ​​we work for – quality, business value, customer focus, personal commitment, and team spirit.

We strongly believe in equality, diversity, respect for each other, “work-life balance” and business ethics. This code of conduct describes the expectations we have on our employees. It is designed to establish our existing expectations and values.

We are proud of our unique position, our strong entrepreneurial spirit, and the core values ​​that we all have agreed on and adopted within the company from the very beginning.

Stockholm October 2020
Susanna Norelid, Managing partner, Lawyer

The company’s code of conduct guides all the company’s employees and states our values ​​in our daily operations – both internally and regarding our clients and partners.


The Code of Conduct develops the company’s core values ​​and provides overall guidance on how we ensure the best possible quality in our work, how we ensure that we maintain the level of service at the highest level and how we maintain the entrepreneurial team spirit between us.

Norelid has five core values guiding us in our daily practice – quality, business value, customer focus, personal commitment, and team spirit.


Quality – We strive for the highest quality in our legal work for our clients. We always strive to deliver the best advice cost-effectively.


Commercial value – We regard commercial law as a tool for creating success for our clients. This means that we all strive for the best possible results for our clients, regardless of whether the solution is pure legal advice or a more business-oriented strategy. This applies regardless of the size of the client or the case being handled.


Customer focus – We strive to always put the customer and their business in focus. We work hard to learn about and understand the client and their business. Our goal is a long-term relationship with our clients by offering quality, commercial value and a strong personal commitment.


Personal commitment – We know it is important for our clients and partners that we are personally involved in their company and legal issues. We always strive to learn about our customers’ needs and preferences, their core values, and their challenges in their respective markets. We want to work closely and long-term with our customers and strive to be considered a valuable part of our clients’ daily operations.


Team spirit – We like to work together. We like to share experiences. We like to learn from each other. We are happy to work across borders with our international partners, clients, and other stakeholders. Commitment, results, and participation are basic principles for us and partners.

We depend on the professional qualities and personal skills of our employees. We strive to be a good employer for the entire team and to offer an attractive workplace with our core values. Our working environment is based on the following principles:


No Tolerance Against Discrimination – We do not accept any form of discrimination, and actively strive to promote equal treatment and increase diversity.


A workplace characterized by respect and teamwork – All employees are respectful in their treatment of others and are committed to ensure that the spirit and work environment remains at a very friendly and cooperative level. Teamwork, commitment, and friendship are core values for the members of our team.


Our work environment – We are aware that our profession is challenging and are often faced with difficult situations, short deadlines, and a lot of stress in our daily work. However, we continuously strive to ensure the best possible working environment for the entire team. We make sure that everyone is seen in the organisation. We encourage and contribute to preventive health care. We believe in work-life balance and leisure and the importance of social activities and gatherings outside the office where our employees can create and maintain good relationships with family and friends. We take care of our team.