We are a corporate law firm that focuses on the client’s business and success. We offer legal assistance of the utmost quality within the firm’s practice areas and are internationally ranked as one of Sweden’s top tier law firms within these areas. We greatly value our ability to always be there for our clients and a personal, long-term relationship is important to us. The lawyer responsible for each assignment takes active part in the work carried out. The employees at the firm represent both multinational and larger national companies as well as smaller, local businesses. Many of our clients are industry leaders in their respective fields. Through our international networks we can always assure our clients and business partners efficient and professional cross-border assistance.

We shall always supply legal services of the utmost quality to our clients. At the same time, the law firm shall be the most sought-after workplace for talented lawyers and other talented individuals who wish to work, develop and be inspired in a challenging environment together with the firm’s employees, clients and business partners.


We always supply you with the best team regardless whether your issue concerns the Swedish market or an international market. With your wishes and what the specific situation demands as a starting point, the team can consist of everything from a single lawyer to an international team together with our international cooperation partners. We have taken great care in finding the right networks, specialists and international colleagues who share our philosophy regarding professionalism, efficiency, and service. This means that you can get exactly the assistance you need at the time you need it, regardless of where in the world the relevant issue needs to be resolved.

We at Norelid Advokatbyrå are very proud to be ranked by the leading international ranking institutions as one of the top law firms in Sweden within the firm’s different practice areas. Many lawyers at the firm are also personally ranked as some of the top lawyers in Sweden.



Norelid Advokatbyrå shall make the client’s business more successful by offering the client full access to our competence, availability and service, no matter where and why they need our services. In other words, we will make it easier for our clients to be successful in their business!

Norelid Advokatbyrå has a wide international network and we cooperate on a daily basis with international lawyers and other consultants within the framework of our international network on a daily basis in order to deliver top quality legal advice, even in international matters spanning several jurisdictions. Part of Norelid Advokatbyrå’s philosophy is that we have put a lot of effort in finding the right business partners that share our vison on professionalism, efficiency, service, and quality.