About us

We are a corporate law firm that focuses on the client’s business and success. We offer legal assistance of the utmost quality within the firm’s practice areas and are internationally ranked as one of Sweden’s top law firms within these areas. We greatly value our ability to always be there for our clients and a personal, long-term relationship is important to us. The lawyer responsible for each assignment takes active part in the work carried out. The employees at the firm represent both multinational and larger national companies as well as smaller, local businesses. Many of our clients are industry leaders in their respective fields. Through our international networks we can always assure our clients and business partners efficient and professional cross border assistance.

Our vision

Norelid Advokatbyrå shall make the client’s business more successful by offering the client full access to our competence, accessibility and service, no matter where and why they need our services. In other words… we will make it easier for the client to be successful in its business.

Our business idea

We will always supply legal services of the utmost quality to our clients. At the same time, the law firm shall be the most sought-after workplace for talented lawyers and other talented individuals that wishes to work, develop and be inspired in a challenging environment together with the firm’s employees, clients and business partners. We always supply you with the best team regardless of whether your issue concerns the Swedish market or an international market. With your wishes and the specific situation demands as a starting point, the team can consist of everything from a single lawyer to an international team together with our international business partners. We have taken great care in finding the right networks, specialists and international colleagues that have the same philosophy we do regarding professionalism, efficiency and service. This means that you can get exactly the assistance you need at the time you need it regardless of where in the world the relevant issue needs to be resolved.

of expertise

IP, Media & Advertising Law (incl. GDPR)

Most of our clients that require our assistance within these areas are active marketers online as well as through more traditional marketing channels. Our consulting is multi-facetted and known for being fast and qualitative and we have vast experience of national as well as international marketing campaigns.

“At the “reliable and responsive” Norelid Advokatbyrå, the very knowledgeable Susanna Norelid advises clients on advertising law matters …”
(Legal 500, 2017)

Insurance & Reinsurance Law

One of our foremost expertise areas is insurance and reinsurance law. We are unique and ranked as one of the absolute top firms in Sweden within this area. The firm’s specialists have represented insurance companies, both national and international, for more than 25 years and is today a natural partner for these insurers.

“Norelid Advokatbyrå “extremely professional and very pragmatic team” includes managing partner Susanna Norelid…specializes in insurance and reinsurance, advising on regulatory matters, the drafting and interpretation of policies and disputes”.
(Legal 500, 2017)

Corporate & Commercial Law

We have vast experience of both commercial and corporate legal issues where the client’s business is our focus. Our experience with negotiations is vast and we assist you with the drafting, interpretation and risk assessment of your commercial agreements.

“Norelid Advokatbyrå … handles corporate and commercial matters for a broad range of clients …”
(Legal 500, 2017).

Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers have vast experience of representing our clients in Swedish courts and arbitration proceedings in commercial disputes. Our organization can handle smaller as well as larger disputes. Through our international network we also handle cross border disputes. Within the firm there are lawyers who are assigned as arbitrators, which adds special experience regarding dispute resolution. We are also hired as strategic consultants for risk and crisis management.

Do you want to work with us?

In order to fit in at our firm you have a genuine interest for business, social competence and an ambition to be successful within your practice area. We run our business in a modern and innovative way, with professionalism, personal commitment and team spirit as keywords. We actively work to maintain are sound values regarding work and private life.

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Advokat / Managing Partner
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Fredrik Seemann
Advokat / Partner
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Petra Dahl
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